Scrap Specifications

#1 Copper: Must be completely clean– NO paint, rubber, soldier, metal,
or brass. Must be as thick as a pencil tip & be shiny. If the copper is
braided it must be thicker than a pencil.

#2 Copper: This copper can have a portion of paint and or brass.

#1 Iron Prepared: Must be 1/4" or thicker and under 2’ x 5’ long.

#2 Iron Prepared: Under 1/4 " in thickness and less than 2’ x 5’ long.

Cars: MUST HAVE TITLE! Gas tanks must be removed.

Tin/Appliances: Freon must be removed and tagged.

Extrusion: Pressed molding (A)-door and window frames

New Clip: NEW! Aluminum-thicker than siding (A)

Old Clip: USED! Aluminum without contaminants (A)

Painted Clip: Thicker than siding with paint (A)

Wheels: NO Lead Weight and NO Valve Stem

Siding: NO tar, steel screws, nails, or staples.

Cans: Crushed or Un-Uncrushed.

Cast: Clean Trainees and Bar B Q tops

Sheet: Lowest grade-aluminum with grease, oil or rubber that can’t be
taken off

Dirty Aluminum: With metal, rubber, or plastic where the percent of
aluminum is 5%

Irony Aluminum: Where the percent of metal is more than aluminum
(trainees and aluminum motor blocks).
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Hours of Operation

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